The video below is by climate researcher Jennifer Hynes. It gives a long but detailed scientific picture of what's going on with the earth's climate at the moment. It's a sobering picture. It appears we are on the edge of runaway global warming and when it is concluded human life on the planet will no longer exist. Although there is no certainty with regard to timeframe it would appear it will happen in decades rather than centuries. This is a very difficult topic to address directly. It has huge implications for our future and the future of our children and grandchildren. But how, we should ask, can we best begin to serve each other at this crucial moment? Well we can start talking about it! The current blackout on the topic is not doing us any justice and will not make the unfolding future any easier. We need to talk about climate change.

In the Introduction to Justice section on this site I used the image of a loudspeaker to represent how current media outlets act as the propaganda arm of empire. We seen how empire needs propaganda because it is built on a lie. The lie that we humans are not all born equal and that some of us deserve to suffer more than others. To sustain this lie we must be constantly bombarded with untruths about our world. In its work the media has become very proficient at this job of selling untruths. A key element in this of course is the image we have of the media as the place we go to find out what's going on. To learn the truth about the world around us.


One particularly egregious example of how the media sells these untruths is Climate Change. One of the messages that large numbers of people have accepted from the media is that at worst Climate Change is all a hoax or at best the science underpinning it remains "controversial". In the short video below by Greenpeace the inner workings of this particular lie factory are exposed.

In a recent and comprehensive two part article looking at the current danger of a methane release from the Arctic, Gary Houser has the following thought provoking comments about the inadequacy of the faith based response to the crisis so far:


"The failure of the multi-faith religious community [to respond to Climate Change] is especially grievous, as it is the segment of society which has willfully taken on the responsibility of providing moral guidance. At a time when humanity is facing a holocaust that can only be compared to all out nuclear war in its magnitude, it should be shouting to the world that there is an existential emergency. At the peak of the nuclear arms race in the early 1980s, the religious community did speak out and many leaders achieved impact through dramatic acts of nonviolent civil disobedience at nuclear weapon facilities. But apart from the actions of some courageous individuals, today's leaders seem only willing to issue proclamations and only a tiny number have joined the protests in the streets.


The five things that keeps climate scientist Jennifer Francis awake at night:


1. CO2 levels the highest in 800,000 years.


2. Arctic ice is disintegrating


3. Pace of sea-level rise is accelerating.


4. Arctic has warmed 2-3 degrees faster than the rest of the Northern Hemisphere.


5. Climate Change misleaders who are trying to convince people there is nothing to worry about.



Download PDF of the talk here.

In the short video above two meteorologists explain why the weather is behaving strangely and what we can expect in the future. One of the questions that emerges is how are farmers going to plan ahead ahead around planting crops given the erratic nature of the weather we can expect. A crop yield which continues to decrease is going eventually to affect food prices. What programme do the Dept of Agriculture or the IFA have in place to bring farmers up to speed about the future of farming? It's time they got to work on one.


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