In the Introduction to Justice section on this site I used the image of a loudspeaker to represent how current media outlets act as the propaganda arm of empire. We seen how empire needs propaganda because it is built on a lie. The lie that we humans are not all born equal and that some of us deserve to suffer more than others. To sustain this lie we must be constantly bombarded with untruths about our world. In its work the media has become very proficient at this job of selling untruths. A key element in this of course is the image we have of the media as the place we go to find out what's going on. To learn the truth about the world around us.


One particularly egregious example of how the media sells these untruths is Climate Change. One of the messages that large numbers of people have accepted from the media is that at worst Climate Change is all a hoax or at best the science underpinning it remains "controversial". In the short video below by Greenpeace the inner workings of this particular lie factory are exposed.


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