In two thought provoking pieces in the latest issue of Village magazine John Gibbons, former Environment correspondent with the Irish Times, suggests we should begin to consider the unthinkable. The human race is dying and we need to prepare for it. Using the framework of the classic 'On Death and Dying' by Elisabth Kubler-Ross, Gibbons maps out varying responses that currently characterise our response to the harsh realities that may face us in a few short decades. One of the pieces is available on the Climate Science blog Think or Swim.

HOME is a visually stunning and prescient masterpiece. It looks at the current state of the planet and humanity's part in the changes over the last fifty years.  It's a real treat of a film but much more than that it's made with a great love for the planet. Let's hope it's contagious!


(The video doesn't allow embedding but can be watched on YouTube.

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We've been following James Hansen quite closely on this site when it comes to Climate Change. As head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies he has a proven track record as a scientist and has even been arrested outside the White House so he's not averse to putting himself on the line for his views. In a recent short publication called "Butterfly Report + Jeremiah, the Frog" he is surprisingly upbeat. Steering a narrow pathway between "gloom and doom" naysayers and climate change deniers he says "The picture for the future is actually very bright, if the necessary people wake up to the situation soon."


Read the full letter here

According to Bill McKibben long time activist on Climate Change Hurricane Sandy is a "wake-up call" for the planet. However the signs of how we are responding are not positive. The issue wasn't even mentioned in the recent presidential debates in the US. That is a grossly inadequate response to the challenge we are all facing now on the planet. We are already well onto the path of major climate change. Hurricane Sandy is but one indicator of how that change will impact. The stark reality is the climate all of us grew up with is gone. We will never experience that again. What new equilibrium the planet will eventually arrive at is unknown. What is certain, though, is that if we continue to ignore the changes in the climate and our responsibility for them then before that new planetary equilibrium is reached the human species will have long disappeared. And the timescale now appears to be decades rather than centuries.


Watch Bill McKibben on Democracy Now.


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