Who we are
We are an agency for the personal and social development of adults from a faith perspective.

We have a four member team, a group of trustees and a small circle of advisers and contract facilitators.

What we do
We provide opportunities and resources for people in areas where economic resources are low, to deepen and develop their understanding of God, God’s dream for people and articulate the values they live out in the cultural, economic and spiritual climate of their milieu. We work organically, with people where they live and continually adapt sessions to what ever is emerging in conversation with the participants.

How we Do This
The working team uses the Partners in Faith methodology and content evolved over 25 years of experience with people in parishes. Some surveys were done in the inner-city and outlying parishes of Dublin. The original team piloted sessions from ‘86-87 and finally put together 25 sessions in book form in 1990. The sessions interweave strands of the core Biblical message, experience of Christian community , critical anaylsis of society and action for transformation. By the end of the PIF experience participants form teams to engage  in designing and running sessions themselves. This brings about a huge increase in confidence and leadership.


Socio-cultural of local communities:
Unemployment, poverty
Neglect by state and business
Early school leaving
Atmosphere of oppression (apathy or aggression)
Losing faith in oneself, in God in the ability to influence situations individually or collectively
Signs of resilience, solidarity  and struggle against all the odds


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