Interview with Mary T. Malone on the subject of her new book The Elephant in the Church; A Woman’s Tract for our Times. In the interview she makes the point that those who are most effective in passing on the faith are grandmothers yet this important role is rarely acknowledged in Church circles.

Listen to the Interview Here (14 mins)


In October 2010 and March 2012 Lucy Keaveney of the Irish Times did a survey of how many women's voices were heard on radio and television. These were the results:


Percentage of Women's Voices Heard on Radio.

March 2010 October 2012
Morning Ireland 26% 26%
Today With Pat Kenny 20% 31%
News At One

Drivetime With Mary Wilson
27% 16%
Marian Finucane
20% 20%
Newstalk Breakfast
28% 22%
The Right Hook
19% 30%
The Sunday Show
21% 29%
Matt Cooper
17% 21%


Commenting of the lack of representation of women's voices on media Clara Fischer, of the Irish Feminist Network said “Women’s exclusion, particularly from current affairs programmes, results in skewed debates, where only men’s life experiences come to bear upon the issues in question.”


See Irish Times article.


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