Mick Blake is a very gifted Leitrim singer/songwriter many of whose songs cast a critical and prophetic eye on the Ireland of today. Christy Moore has covered another of Mick's songs "Oblivious" on his latest album.

Below is another of Mick's songs called 'Another Child, Another War'.


The video below was produced in association with Afri who hosted the recent visit of the family of Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning to Dublin. There was a strong theme of 'truth' running through their visit. The truth of Chelsea's experience in prison. The truth of the murder of innocent civilians which he uncovered. The truth of the experience of so many innocent prisoners highlighted by Gerard Conlon, one of the Guilford Four. Chelsea and his family have given us a very powerful witness to how the way of truth and the way of the cross are one and the same.

On the 29 November 2013 an event was held in Trinity College Dublin to mark the visit of the family of Chelsea Manning to Dublin. During the evening Gerry Conlon gave a speech that nobody who was there is ever likely to forget. It was Gerry Conlon at his best: fiery, courageous and compassionate. May he rest in peace.

Link to transcript of Gerry's speech here:


If It Be Your Will

- Leonard Cohen

The birth of a new lamb is something sheep farmers probably get well used to over the years. To those from the city though seeing it for the first time can be a powerful experience. The symbolism of the lamb is so deeply embedded in Christian culture it's good to be reminded every now and then of the vulnerable little creature behind it.

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