Sophia Conference Room
Dec 8th 2018

Dec 8th in Sophia: 47 people gathered in the conference room. Some from St.Michael’s Inchicore, Balcurris, Cherry Orchard, Greystones, Rialto, Fatima, Monsktown, Rowlagh with friends from Terenure, Glasnevin, Bluebell, Clontarf, Drimnagh, Hardwick St. Templogue and Merrion Rd.

The team were volunteers from Partners in Faith, and the 72 community: Kate, Tony, Josette, Michael , Gemma, Mary O’Dywer, Mary Mc Quaide, Dolores and Yvonne. Energy, love, participation, wisdom, freedom and fun characterised the day.

   The process wove together reflection on

  1. God active in unexpected places and events
  2. How circles of hope nourish us,
  3. Significant bible texts,

Opening and ending with rituals celebrating how clay, water, plants, seeds and the sun’s warmth combine with our traditional skills to bring us the gift of bread. The Ritz Brothers playfully caught the spirit of hope, joy, fun and faith among us

Future: Trustees and volunteers will meet this month to track our way forward.

Circles of Hope



Amidst all the doubt and darknes our Circles of Hope have carried us through the past. How can they continue to support us today and into the future? Peter McVerrt will join us and share his experience of God.

     Date: Saturday, 8th December.

     Time: 10am - 4pm

     Place: Conference Toom 1

               Sopia Wisdom Centre

               25 Cork St.

               Dublin 8

     Suggested Donation:

              €30 (Includes tea/coffe on arrival. Please bring a pack lunch).


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