‘Moments of Mystery’ (revelation)

One of the Partners in Faith indispensable sessions.

This booklet which contains pictures & reflections is an informative and reflective recourse for a session that talks with and helps people to…..

- realise that God communicates through our human experience.
- understand how religion began out of this awareness.
- know that the God present in special moments is the God of ordinary moments

The great Irish theologian Fr Dermot Lane has said:
‘if people get revelation right they will get all the rest right’.

Facilitation suggestions:

- Partners in Faith use this booklet as part of a presentation.
- People are asked to recall a time when…(carefully prepared question)
- The booklet is often given to the group at the end of the session for further reflections.

- In the introduction of the booklet you will have the question that Partners in Faith have perfected over many years of running ‘Moments of Mystery’.
- You will have precise pictures and reflections that links the session together


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