Colm Roddy & Dave Donnellan outside Ennis courthouse after Colm's acquittal.

Colm Roddy & Dave Donnellan outside
Ennis courthouse Wednesday after Colm's acquittal.

The court case in Ennis involving Colm Roddy and Dave Donnellan went amazingly well today!

Dave's case was first up for mention, as today was just a "mention" day and the trial was not due to take place until sometime next year. Just before the court, Dave and Colm were surprisingly arrested and presented with new charges, which increased the amount of the alleged criminal damage they were alleged to have done to €3,500.

Dave who was representing himself then queried the bail conditions which had originally banned Dave and Colm from entering all of Co Clare. This was reduced to within five miles of Shannon airport at last month's sitting, and the Judge reduced this to one mile from Shannon airport today. Dave also requested that the pilots of the two US military aircraft that were at Shannon airport on the morning of their incursion into Shannon airport to search these aircraft, be called as witnesses. When Judge Durcan asked why these witnesses would be necessary Dave informed him that the main argument for their defense was the issue of justification for their actions, and that the pilots were necessary in order to explain why they and their aircraft were at Shannon airport, and who and what was being transported on the aircraft. The judge them told him to make a detailed written submission to the prosecution on this matter and this would be examined when the case came up for mention again on 11 January 2017.

Colm Roddy's case was called about an hour later, and the outcome was very surprising. Colm began by complaining about the manner in which he had been arrested this morning by Garda Colm Moriarty, when he had arrived in Ennis today of his own accord from Dublin as he had done for each of the previous days hearings. Judge Durcan focused on this issue, and made it clear to the prosecuting Garda Inspector, that he considered this procedure most inappropriate in this case. It was also clarified at this point that the previous charges had been withdrawn by the prosecution so that the new charges could be introduced. Judge Durcan then dismissed the new charges against Colm Roddy. Colm, and many others in court still thought the original charges were in force, and began asking the Judge about issues relating to these original charges. Judge Durcan told him he was free to go, and advised him to "just keep walking" out of the court, which he did.

It seems that Colm Roddy has been viewed by the Courts as "too hot to handle".

Dave Donnellan will still be appearing at Ennis District Court on 11 January next to answer his new charges of allegedly causing €3,500 damage to the airport fence and the airport runway. (now they did not dig up the runway with a bulldozer. Someone just allegedly painted some red crosses on the runway). We look forward to the full hearing of Dave Donnellan's case, whenever, or if ever, that hearing takes place, as the next day on 11th January is still just a date "for mention".

The wheels of justice turn slowly, and today, one of the wheels fell off the wagon!

 - Edward Horgan (Shannonwatch)


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