The foundation course involves people's experience of Christian community, the core biblical message in terms of personal and social reality, praxis (planning for transforming action using the Freire approach) and growth in self-confidence.


People's own wisdom and experience are the starting point and connecting thread of each session. Their own words about life and death are gathered and placed in conversation with a liberationist account of the Judeo-Christian Tradition.

Jesus' Story, Our Story is a series of five evening sessions exploring the connections between the world that Jesus lived in and our own. It journeys through our own experience of daily life today and shows how the way Jesus responded to the people and events around him in Palestine still speaks to us today. The search for the real Jesus of Palestine is also a  search for someone alive today and still speaking to us.


A facilitators manual is available for purchase to those who complete the five sessions. The manual was the last work published by Ciaran Earley OMI before his untimely death in 2008. Ciaran was one of the founders of Partners in Faith.

This is an opportunity to reflect together on the meaning and experience of communion with Christ, our neighbour, community and the creation story of our journey in life, through love. Over a series of three evenings, we gather together to explore the mystery of Eucharist through our lived and shared experiences.



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