This is an opportunity to reflect together on the meaning and experience of communion with Christ, our neighbour, community and the creation story of our journey in life, through love. Over a series of three evenings, we gather together to explore the mystery of Eucharist through our lived and shared experiences.


Session 1


What does the word Eucharist mean to us?

How do we experience Eucharist in our daily lives?


During this session participants are encouraged to discover God’s presence in and through their everyday lives. Small group work, scripture, meditation, movement and prayer chant, facilitate our first gathering together.


Session 2


In session 2 the film “Of God’s and Men” becomes a resource to explore the power of Eucharist through the lives of a Trappist community, struggling with oppression, fear, and the need to discern the message of God in extremely challenging times. Entering their story and linking to our own lives, we listen and share our faith resources that guide us in times of difficulty. Sharing this struggle, we come to a different place, a new realisation of what Eucharist means.


Session 3


He sent me to bring good news to the poor,

To build up hearts that are broken

To proclaim liberty to captives

Freedom to those in prison
Isaiah 61:1-2


Our final session opens the story of Eucharist to many dimensions, including the reflection and connection to those less fortunate than ourselves. Expanding the experience of family to a wider community brings further awareness of the breaking and sharing of this Bread and Body of Christ with others.


Our methodology blends affection, challenge, encouragement, friendship and fun in a learning community of equals.


Time: Three 2-hour sessions.

Cost per session inclusive of materials/ handouts is €200.



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