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was put together by Ciaran Earley OMI shortly before he died. He had worked on creating six sessions on Jesus after reflection and study of the most up-to-date material on Jesus. He and Gemma McKenna an three workshops with the prepared material and finally a facilitator’s handbook was published by Partners in Faith in July. It was launched at the Kimmage workshop in 2008.

It provides an excellent experiential introduction for those interested in exploring who Jesus was and what he means for our lives today.

Price: €10 & P&P

‘Moments of Mystery’ (revelation)

One of the Partners in Faith indispensable sessions.

This booklet which contains pictures & reflections is an informative and reflective recourse for a session that talks with and helps people to…..

- realise that God communicates through our human experience.
- understand how religion began out of this awareness.
- know that the God present in special moments is the God of ordinary moments

The great Irish theologian Fr Dermot Lane has said:
‘if people get revelation right they will get all the rest right’.

Facilitation suggestions:

- Partners in Faith use this booklet as part of a presentation.
- People are asked to recall a time when…(carefully prepared question)
- The booklet is often given to the group at the end of the session for further reflections.

- In the introduction of the booklet you will have the question that Partners in Faith have perfected over many years of running ‘Moments of Mystery’.
- You will have precise pictures and reflections that links the session together

Gospel Reflections for Small Groups on Sunday Readings for Lent 2011


These five sessions, prepared with small groups in mind, use language close to ordinary life. The reflections attempt to link the gospel text with people's experience and stimulate discussion. The group leader can decide to use all or some of the questions. The background notes are there for the group leader to read or integrate into the sessions. They are not meant to serve as a homily! Thanks are due to the Fig Tree Gospel Group, Fatima Mansions always ready to try out the sessions and adapt themes.


Download the sessions here:

1. First Sunday of Lent 2. Second Sunday of Lent 3. Third Sunday of Lent
4. Fourth Sunday of Lent 5. Fifth Sunday of Lent



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