After a busy year the Partners in Faith team went on pilgrimage to the Aran Islands as guests of Deirdre Kennedy, one of the team members, who lives on Inis Mór. The two days spent there were a chance to reconnect with our rich Irish religious heritage which is still very much alive on the islands. On our first evening we celebrated a remembrance mass for the dead with the Islanders amongst the ruins of Na Seacht dTeampaill (the Seven Churches) which was for centuries one of the largest monastic centres of pilgrimage along the west coast of Ireland.


Pictured above is an early Christian beehive hut known as Clochain na Carraige near where we were staying. It was part of the green martyrdom of penance and denial which played a significant part of Christian practice at the time. We managed a rich journey though the spaces and places of island history whilst we were there. See the photos section of the website for more pictures of the visit.


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