Last year Partners in Faith co-hosted a visit by James Alison to Dublin. Since then James has completed a new course in adult faith education entitled The Forgiving Victim with the Raven Foundation in the US. The course will be available early in 2013. There is a website for the course where you can get more details including an hour long preview.


"With James Alison as the guide, discover that being a Christian is not principally about being good or believing the right things. A Christian is someone who finds him/herself on the receiving end of an act of communication and, just like the disciples, receiving a revised story about themselves and everything they thought they knew to be true. Using anthropology, a mimetic understanding of how desire and violence work, and old fashioned common sense, James Alison invites us to transform how we think about God, how we pray and worship, and how we go about being good Christians."


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