{jcomments on}Local residents in Erris involved in the campaign against Shell have noted an increase in Garda harassment in recent weeks. The video below, which was shot on Ash Wednesday (22nd February, 2012), is a disturbing illustration of the level of this harrassment. The video is shot from the car of John Monaghan, a local blacksmith and son-in-law of Micéal Ó'Seighin, one of the Rossport Five. One of the many questions which arises from this video is the Garda use of pepper spray. It was introduced originally in 2008 to provide Gardai with means to defend themselves against attacks. In the video below however the Garda in question in threatening to use it while John Monaghan is still sitting inside the car. What is very worrying to local people about incidents like this is the increasing lack of control being shown by the Garda. The emotional tone to be heard in the voice of one of the Garda confirm this. It does suggest the need for an urgent and thorough review of Garda procedures in the area.


Note: John Monaghan was an invited speaker at the Possibilities 2011 last year which featured as special guest His Holiness the Dali Lama. John's contribution can be see here.


03/03/2012 Update: The incident has now been referred to the Garda Ombudsman. (Read article here).


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