Monday saw record rainfall for October in Dublin city but if you think it might have dampened spirits at Occupy Dame Street you would be wrong. As evening was falling on Tuesday the American singer Michael Franti dropped by the encampment unannounced and ended up in front of the microphone to share his singing talents. The video below captures some of the energy of the event.


What's happening on Dame Street is of the utmost importance. It is proving to be a dynamic focal point of resistance to the current power elite in this country whose legitimacy is gradually beginning to crumble. The Occupy Dame Street movement is modelling through a non-hierarchical, non-violent structure an alternative to the current jaded structures of power. Structures which have led not just this country but the planet itself to the brink. If you haven't visited yet drop by if you're in Dublin and you have some free time and see for yourself. They have a general assembly each day at 1pm and 6pm at which the public are invited to participate.


The video is 15 mins long (... but worth a watch!)


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