The sculpture on the right is by Danish sculptor Jens Galschiøt entitled 'Survival of the Fattest". The sculpture strikes a chord in Ireland where an enormous private banking debt has been loaded onto the shoulders of the Irish public. The addition of this private debt onto Irish sovereign debt is unsustainable and has opened the door to the IMF, ECB and EU troika to take control of our finances.


The Debt Justice Action network of organisations, of which Partners in Faith is one, are campaigning to have any further repayments on these banking debts suspended. These repayments will cost the Irish exchequer over €48bn by 2031 and could go as high as €85bn. And those who are being hit hardest by these repayments are those least able to bear the resulting cuts in services in disadvantaged communities across the country.


A payment of €3.1bn is due on 31st March every year. If you believe these payments should be suspended then now is the time to act! If you are an organisation you could think about joining the Debt Justice Action network or if you are an individual you could write to your local TD and let him know how you feel. For more ideas see the Debt Justice Action website. You can also download a briefing document with more detailed information on the debt crisis from the website.


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