Watching and reading and listening to our dysfunctional media system one would be forgiven for thinking that the most important problem we are facing at the moment is the Euro Crisis. It's not. In fact we are currently hovering around crucial tipping points in our climate that will have far reaching consequences for life on this planet and besides which the Euro Crisis pales into insignificance.


In our Introduction to Justice article on this site we mentioned that one of the Delusional Assumptions of the 'Second Beast' of mass media was that 'Money is the most important value'. The sidelining of the issue of Climate Warming is a horrific example of this. The video below from PBS in America, a non-corporate broadcasting organisation, illustrates very well the type of crucial information on Climate Change that is being censored by mainstream media here in Ireland and elsewhere.


Watch Plan B: Mobilizing to Save Civilization on PBS. See more from Journey to Planet Earth.


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