More than any other event connected with the US and British invasion of Iraq, the attack on Fallujah in 2003 symbolises the true horror of what was inflicted on the Iraq people by Western forces. In the documentary below Ross Caputi, a US veteran of the Iraq invasion, traces the journey back to present day Fallujah and looks at the effect the 2003 US attack, in which he participated, continues to have to the present day.

To this day the Irish State continues to be complicit in this war crime by allowing Shannon Airport to be used by the invasionary force. Each and every minister who signed off on this decision is complicit in the atrocity which continues to afflict the people of Iraq in general and Fallujah in particular. The relevant ministers who signed off on the use of Shannon Airport during this period were

- Brian Cowen

- Dermot Ahern

- Michael Martin

Their decision has led to unspeakable suffering for the most vulnerable in Iraqi society. The children born with the birth defects shown in this film will need care for the rest of their lives. Who will pay for this care? Who will support the families? Justice demands that those responsible for this atrocity should participate in reparation for the damage caused. Support for these families would be a good first step.


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