Genny Bove of the Manning Family Fund and WISE Up Network said:

"Everyone is invited to join us at this second Truthfest where we will celebrate Chelsea Manning's integrity and courage, take inspiration from the example she has set us all and look forward to a future free from injustice, which can only be achieved through honesty and truth. This weekend is all about reclaiming truth-telling as a positive act to be celebrated, not a crime to be punished.


"Chelsea spent some of her formative years here in Wales and attended the local Tasker Milward high school. Her family still live in this area and we think it is fitting to gather here in solidarity. Pembrokeshire should be proud to be associated with Chelsea Manning"

The Manning Truthfest was the brainchild of Irish actor Donal O'Kelly, an associate member of Afri's Executive Committee. (Action from Ireland Afri has sponsored and organised the Irish participants in both Truthfests, has hosted three visits to Ireland for Chelsea Manning's family members in the past year as well as raising substantial amounts for the Family Fund.

Afri Co-ordinator Joe Murray said:

"The request to Afri by Ciaron O’Reilly to host a visit to Ireland of Chelsea Manning’s family in Autumn 2013 presented us with an opportunity to express solidarity for the outstanding courage of this young soldier. It has also opened doors to further expressions of support and admiration.

"Afri was privileged to host the family, to celebrate their Irish roots and to hear at first hand the stories of what made Chelsea the person that she is today. At a memorable public meeting in Trinity College we had the added privilege of meeting and hearing the inspiring words of a fellow victim of grave injustice Gerry Conlon. To our dismay, Gerry died some short months after that memorable evening. The visit to Dublin led to the first Manning Truthfest in Wales in January 2014. It was followed by a memorial for Gerry Conlon in Dublin, attended by Chelsea’s mother and Genny Bove, a celebration of Chelsea’s 27th birthday and now the Manning Truthfest Part 2 - a celebration of truth told in the full realization of the high price to be paid. And there hardly seems a more fitting way to celebrate truth than through music, song and theatre. We look forward to this and to keeping a flame burning to brighten Chelsea’s dark days in a prison cell far from family and friends."


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