TAI CHI Movements, stillness,

discussion, reflection and prayer.

This session provides an opportunity for participants to journey into themselves to meet the energies within and around in a new and dynamic way. These energies can then be brought back into our daily lives with a transforming freshness.

A time to physically relax, quieten your mind, listen inside, to be completely present to and aware of self and surroundings, to be stable and peaceful, open to, and sharing the presence of God active within our lives

• Help you to gently let go of tension, cultivate energy, awareness, clarity, creativity.
• Some of the gentle movements, standing and sitting movements have been selected and adapted from Tai Chi and Chi Kung. The session is created the Partners in Faith way blending fun, freedom, friendship, reflection, art, music, colour and poetry.

DATE: Saturday 2nd July. Kimmage Manor Parish Hall.
10.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m.
Waged Euro 20; Unwaged euro 15.


Address: PARTNERS IN FAITH 72 ST.Anthony's Rd Rialto. D. 8
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